A new facility at Midleton in Cork is the main hub for all satellite transmissions to and from Ireland.

The new Bord Telecom satellite station is at Elfordstown Midleton in east Cork.

This is the new face of Irish satellite communications.

Donal Spillane of Bord Telecom outlines the purpose of the new outstation.

All future Irish development of satellite transmission and reception including direct broadcasts will go through the new facility. Bord Telecom say they chose Midleton as the location because of the climate and the size of the site. 

Joe O'Dwyer, Head of Transmission at Bord Telecom explains that the Midleton climate was particularly conducive for the requirements of the station. The fact that the site is quite large will allow for the expansion of the station to include at least five more antennas. There are also plans for another station in Ireland linking to the European Communication satellite. 

The station was officially opened by Bord Telecom Chairman Michael Smurfit and Government Junior Minister Ted Nealon.

At the opening, Michael Smurfit spoke about the need for Bord Telecom to be a commercially successful organisation. The new station cost £8 million to build. The dish is over 100 feet across and rests on a 300 tonne concrete structure.  

Donal Spillane is responsible for operations at the station, including instant contact with the United States to keep signals at top quality. The station is well automated but it does not necessarily need a computer to operate. 

One might say it's just another radio link but it's a little more important than that. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 11 May 1984. The reporter is Tom MacSweeney.