President Mary Robinson opens a new Salvation Army hostel the Granby Centre in Dublin.

The Granby Centre has over sixty apartments and over forty bedrooms and the first resident Thomas Nolan is already settling in.

A model in sheltered accommodation for the homeless.

President Mary Robinson was joined by the Lord Mayor, ministers and TDs and Salvation Army members for the official opening ceremony. 

The Salvation Army raised over two million pounds to supplement government grants to develop the centre. Over one hundred homeless people, mainly men, will be accommodated in the centre. Forty Salvation Army staff are hoping to provide more than just a bed for the night. 

Audrey McCauley of the Salvation Army outlines who residents will qualify for a place in the centre. 

While the new Granby Centre will provide accommodation for older people, a new voluntary organisation 'Idir Bhaile' meaning between homes, says that many young people are living in limbo without access to public or private housing.  

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 20 April 1994. The reporter is Mary Wilson.