With the President of the USA due to visit there are fears that hotels and business are inflating prices.

In advance of US President Ronald Reagan's three day trip to Ireland in June , there are concerns that visitors will be overcharged by unofficial operators wishing to profit from the visit.

Bord Fáilte is satisfied there is sufficient accommodation available for when the national and international television and press crews descend. Some 600 members of the presidential party and visiting media have already been booked in Galway and Mayo. However there are reports of accommodation near Ashford Castle in Mayo charging exorbitant prices.

Bord Fáilte manager of tourism services, Bob Bowman says there will not be a Reagan price hike. Prices listed in their guide are the maximum businesses are entitled to charge.

He advises people to avoid unauthorised accommodation.

Book through your Bord Fáilte or regional tourism office if you want to stay anywhere and we will make sure you get approved accommodation.

Meanwhile in the president's ancestral parish of Ballyporeen, County Tipperary, every conceivable space has been snapped up by national and international press. 

The going price for a good window is £300 or £500 for the pair.

Fields and houses are also in big demand and one national newspaper has paid £1000 for a house for the duration of the three day visit.

An RTÉ News report broadcast in 5 May 1984. The reporter is Mary Fanning.