Were the roads connecting some of Ireland's most ancient monuments designed in the same shape as the Orion group of stars?

Amateur researchers believe that the roads linking some of Ireland's most ancient monuments are set out in the hunter shape of the Orion constellation of stars.

The High Man Theory states that the ancient sites of the Boyne Valley were joined together by roads to resemble the shape of Orion.

If the theory is true, it means that the ancient people of Ireland had a sophisticated knowledge of astronomy. We already know that they tracked the exact movements of the sun by how Newgrange was constructed. 

Researchers Richard Moore and Anthony Murphy have spent five years exploring the sites and the stories behind them. 

It's too much of a coincidence.

They now want to work with archaeologists and astronomers to move their theory forward to be being more than just a coincidence. 

We have to try and teach the archaeologists something about the stars and the astronomers something about archaeology.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 24 March 2004. The reporter is Paul O'Flynn.