Minister for Health proposes anti-smoking measures including a ban on advertising and smoking in public areas.

About 3,000 people a year die of smoking related diseases in Ireland. While anti-smoking campaigns are having a positive effect, smoking is still damaging the health of the nation to an alarming degree.

In an attempt to further discourage the habit, Minister for Health Barry Desmond is planning to introduce further anti-smoking regulations.

One measure he is keen to introduce is some restriction on advertising. In Ireland tobacco companies spend £9 million annually on cigarette advertising. He believes that,

A proportion of that money should go to the Health Education Bureau, to warn people about the dangers of smoking. 

The Minister also believes there should be a smoking ban in designated public areas and places such as cinemas, public transport and places of work such as hospitals.

Barry Desmond is convinced the problem is as serious as that caused by tuberculosis (TB) in the 1940s.

Twice as many people are now dying from cigarettes as were dying from TB when Noel Browne was Minister for Health.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 7 April 1984. The reporter is Alan McCullough.