The Hooligans a musical group of students complete an eight day piano push from Dublin to Cork to raise funds for charity.

The piano pushing group The Hooligans are all fifth-year students at Mount Street Fergus Academy in Dublin. The band members are singer Pascal Fusco, pianist Tim Conroy, guitarists Noel Blaney and Peter Mullen with Heinz Holfeld, Garry Dahl and Dan Cullinane.

From the Mansion House in Dublin, The Hooligans embarked on and eight day journey to City Hall in Cork pushing a piano mounted on scooter wheels. The piano was donated by Pigotts music shop. 

In the towns along the route, the group played music and collected money for charity. On their arrival in Cork the students were welcomed by the Lord Mayor Seán McCarthy and they signed the visitors' book at City Hall. 

At the Corporation yard, the piano was auctioned by Tom Barry, and sold for £32. This money, along with £70 collected during the eight-day walk is to be donated to organisations catering for the needs of old age pensioners.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 7 April 1964. The footage shown here is mute.