Students queue overnight in Dublin for extra allocation of visas for summer work in the USA.

The United States (US) summer work and travel programme better known as the J-1 Summer Work and Travel Programme allows full time third level students to enter America on an exchange visitor visa. 

USIT has already allocated 5000 J-1 visas, but announced an additional 500 visas would be issued from their offices on a first come, first served basis. 

A handful of third level students started queuing outside the USIT offices on Aston Quay at 5pm. As dawn broke there was a line of several hundred hoping to get the additional summer student US visas.

In spite of in the bitter cold, the mood of the queuing students was generally good humoured and optimistic. 

One student is confident he has secured a visa.

I hope to work over in San Francisco for a couple of months and make some money and have a good time, beats this weather.

While there are not enough visas to supply demand, USIT marketing manager Imelda Slattery is hopeful they will secure a further allocation of visas.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 6 April 1994. The reporter is Eoin Ronayne.