Tony Curtis and Jeremy Irons express mutual admiration for each other's work.

Tony Curtis has appeared in over one hundred movies, including The Defiant Ones, Spartacus, Sweet Smell of Success, Naked in New York, The Boston Strangler, and Some Like It Hot.

In Ireland to promote the publication of his autobiography, which has already gone to number one on the British bestseller lists he was a guest on the Late Late Show.. 

I'm so happy to be here in Ireland.

While most people know Tony Curtis as an actor, he has been painting all his life and three of his works are on display in the Late Late Show studio, following an exhibition in the Catto Gallery in London where he sold around thirty paintings.  

Fellow guest Jeremy Irons and Tony Curtis have a mutual appreciation of each others work with Curtis commenting,

That's such a wonderful actor that man.

Jeremy Irons returning the compliment with,

Listen, don't talk to me. You made Some Like It Hot. I don't want to hear about my pictures.

Tony Curtis goes on to talk about his autobiography where he describes himself unashamedly as a womaniser.

I am your kissing instructor. 

Prompted to demonstrate his Hollywood kissing skills for the studio audience, he says

The first thing you do is keep your mouth shut.

Tony Curtis is very happy to be in Ireland and tells Gay that he's actually Irish saying that before he changed his name to Curtis, it was Bernie O' Schwartz. 

Other guests on the panel include actor Jeremy Irons, British Labour Party MP and writer Roy Hattersley, and author and Neurologist Dr Richard Cytowic.

This episode of the Late Late Show was broadcast on 18 March 1994. The presenter is Gay Byrne.