The National Gallery of Ireland exhibits art from the ten new member states of the European Union.

The 'New Frontiers' exhibition features art of contrasting styles and themes from the Balkans to the Mediterranean. 

As ten new countries prepare their political and economic systems to join the EU family, the cultural exchanges are also underway.

Fionnuala Croke, Head of Exhibitions at the National Gallery, is thrilled with the quality of work on display.  

The artwork shares a common European heritage reflecting the culture and histories of the new European Union member states. 

Dr Dorota Folga of the National Museum in Warsaw, Poland hopes that the exhibition will help to re-excavate central and European histories. 

Petros Dymiotis of the State Gallery of Art in Nicosia, Cyprus, believes the exhibition is a testament to the common heritage of the continent of Europe.

The idea of the exhibition is to open a window to the histories of the new European Union member states.   

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 2 March 2004. The reporter is Gareth O'Connor.