A new test for driving instructors is proving challenging for some.

Driver theory is one of three tests that all driving instructors must pass if they want to continue to teach. Once they pass the theory test, they must then do an advanced driving test and an Instructor Ability Test.

28% failed at the first hurdle.

Recent figures from the Road Safety Authority found that 28 per cent of driving instructors failed the theory test on the first sitting. After resitting the test, overall one in five instructors still failed. A further 19 per cent failed the Advanced Driving Test, and 11 per cent failed the Instructor Ability Test. 

Noel Brett, Chief Executive of the Road Safety Authority, is not surprised by the results stating that it is a new process of tests which will take time to get used to. 

Karl Walsh, General Manager of the Irish School of Motoring, supports the introduction of the new test structure and believes that if instructors are trained properly, there is no reason why they will not pass. 

Instructors must pass all three tests in order to get their name on the ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) register by 30 April 2009. If their name is not on the register, then it will be a criminal offence to accept money in exchange for lessons.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 26 January 2009. The reporter is Laura Fletcher.