If your idea of fun is a spin on a Ramba Zamba, Orbitor or Globe of Death then Christmas Funderland is for you.

Funderland has been running in Dublin since 1974 and for many it means Christmas is officially here. This year sees the largest funfair since its inception, with additional attractions brought in from the funfairs of Europe.

Funderland commences its four week run on Saint Stephen's Day but around 4,500 children and adults enjoyed a preview of more than 20 attractions. These include the Ramba Zamba, the Spider the Hully Gully the Orbitor; spine chillers such as the Globe of Death and the Wall of Death and perennial favourites such as the Big Wheel, Rollercoaster, Dodgems and the Ghost Train.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 22 December 1983. The reporter is Caroline Erskine.