In search of bargains thousands of people travel from Reykjavik to Dublin to shop for Christmas.

Icelanders arrive in Dublin with empty suitcases ready to spend their cash in Irish shops on clothes, toys and Christmas gifts.  

The latest contingent of Nordic invaders arrived this morning.

One family of six have spent over £2,000 just to get to Ireland but with the bargains that they have picked up, they feel that it's worth it. 

A special help desk has been set up to assist the shoppers while they are in Ireland. Frank McGee, Chief Executive of Dublin Tourism, outlines the efforts being made to secure the Icelandic market fighting off stiff competition from other European cities like London and Paris.

These are very high spenders. When they come to a city, they leave an average of about a thousand pounds per person.

It is estimated that tourists from Iceland are worth around seven million pounds to Dublin. 

There are now plans to attract more Nordic visitors to Dublin from Finland, Norway and Denmark. 

An RTÉ News reports on 25 November 1993. The reporter is Paul Reynolds.