That Dublin 4 crowd do they exist? Who are they? What do they want?

Many people outside of the capital are sick and tired of the Dublin crowd making decisions for the whole country. However, it appears that inside the Dublin crowd there is a clique known as the Dublin 4 set.

Bibi Baskin is joined by panellists writer Desmond Fennell, Progressive Democrat TD Michael McDowell,  publisher Noelle Campbell Sharpe, and journalist John O'Connor to discuss the idea of the Dublin 4 set.

Desmond Fennell's recent publication 'Heresy' examines the battle for ideas in modern Ireland, of which the Dublin 4 set is a part.  Fennell believes the Dublin 4 set are opposed to or indifferent to the idea of the Irish dream of the Irish revolution. He believes that they are more concerned with individualist ideals than the affairs of the Irish nation and represent a large section of the South Dublin middle class.

It does not mean the Dublin 4 postal district literally.

Michael McDowell refutes Desmond Fennell's views as "intellectual waffle" saying that he is simply frustrated by the fact that his views are not shared by the vast majority of people.  

For Noelle Campbell Sharpe, the chapter in Fennell's book on Dublin 4 is shallow and superficial. She believes the notion of the Dublin 4 set is divisive. 

For John O'Connor the amount of influence the Dublin 4 set have is limited. 

Dublin 4 exists everywhere and it always has done.

This episode of 'It's Bibi' was broadcast on 24 November 1993. The presenter is Bibi Baskin.