Queue jumping and showing a lack of respect just two of the things that annoy young people about adults.

Pupils from schools in Cork, Limerick and Waterford offer their opinions on adults and how they treat young people. One pupil interviewed is very dismissive of adults.

They think we know nothing, they advise you on anything whether you know it or not.

Another pupil is unhappy that the older generation expect children to have respect for them but conversely do not have any respect for children. One boy believes adults treat children as lesser people.

The most common problem experienced by these young people occurs in shops.  

Shopkeepers seem to think that we are inferior to adults and they just go ahead and serve the adults before they serve us and we could be waiting for ages before we get served.

All too frequently the adult gets served first, even if the child has been waiting longer. One girl has even found that shopkeepers are nicer to children when they are accompanied by an adult. The shopkeeper always gives her mother a bag, but never offers one to her.  Another girl interviewed thinks it is fitting that adults are served first as they could have something urgent to do.

However not all adults are bad. One boy points out that teachers are adults and they are very helpful. Another boy who was always getting into trouble is thankful that instead of disowning him, his parents helped to show him where he was going wrong.

This episode of ‘Jo-Maxi’ was broadcast on 4 November 1988.