Dublin publican Charlie Chawke shot in the leg during a raid outside his pub The Goat in Dundrum.

As publican Charlie Chawke was leaving one of his pubs 'The Goat' in Dundrum, Dublin at 12.40 pm, he was held up by two men armed with sawn-off shotguns. He was shot in the leg as he was about to bring money to the bank.

The bloodstains on the tarmac beside Charlie Chawke's car bear testimony to the fact that he's luck to be alive.

Oliver McDonnell a friend of Charlie Chawke who was beside him when the raid took place thought he too was going to be shot. 

The raiders were spotted by a passing Garda patrol car which followed them as they tried to escape. The raiders abandoned their red Volkswagon Polo at Stillorgan Heath and made off on foot with guns in hand. Uniformed Gardaí pursued the men and caught and arrested them.  

Minister for Justice Michael McDowell issued a statement congratulating the unarmed Gardaí on the bravery. 

Supt Liam MacCahey describes the events as they unfolded. 

One of them fired a shot in the direction of the Gardaí. They then made a run for it.

Charlie Chawke underwent surgery this afternoon at St Vincent's Hospital where his condition is described as stable. 

The two armed robbers were well-known to Gardaí and had been planning the raid for some time watching Charlie Chawkes daily movements and tracking his routine. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 6 October 2003. The reporter is Paul Reynolds.