Ceremony in Maynooth marks the centenary of the birth of Father Eoghan O'Growney a key figure in the Gaelic revival.

Eugene O'Growney was born on 25 August 1863 in Athboy County Meath. From an early age, he developed an interest in the Irish language and the importance of its preservation. In 1879 he entered the priesthood at Saint Patrick's College Maynooth where his passion for the Irish language grew from strength to strength. In 1886 he founded Cumann Gaelach in Maynooth.  

In 1891, he was appointed Professor of Irish in Maynooth and around this time got to know Douglas Hyde who published poetry, stories and songs in the Irish language. In 1893, Hyde founded the Gaelic League to preserve the Irish language and encourage its use in daily communications, with Hyde and O'Growney as two of its main leaders along with Eoin MacNeill. 

Eugene O'Growney had suffered ill health for many years and in 1894 he left Ireland for San Francisco where the climate was more suitable for his condition. However, his health continued to deteriorate and he died on 18 October 1899. He was buried in Los Angeles. Some years later a fund was set up to have his remains returned to Ireland. In September 1903 his remains were returned and interred in a mausoleum built in his honour at Maynooth College. 

One hundred years following his birth, ceremonies took place at Maynooth to celebrate his life. 
The footage shows a long procession of seminarians leaving the church. Sinéad de Valera, wife of President Éamon de Valera lays a wreath. Also in attendance is Dónal Ó Móráin, Chairman of the RTÉ Authority. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 27 October 1963.