A report on the changing attitudes to the role of women examines the issues of abortion and divorce.

A report prepared for the Joint Committee on Women's Rights examines attitudes to moral issues in relation to voting behaviour in recent referendums on divorce and abortion.

This is the third report in a series on the changing attitudes to the role of women in Ireland. The first dealt with the attitudes towards the role and status of women and the second dealt with issues relating to equal employment opportunity.

The figure which has caught most attention is that fifty-eight per cent of the population feel that abortion is permissible in certain circumstances.

The research for the report was carried out under the direction of Dr Margaret Fine-Davies of Trinity College Dublin. Dr Fine-Davies argues that the abortion referendum result was not a full representation of people's views.  

A yes no answer on such complex questions is perhaps an oversimplification given that people have these other attitudes.

Despite this, Dr Fine-Davies believes that if there were another referendum tomorrow, the result would be no different. 

On the issue of divorce, economic security was the over-riding factor why people stayed in an unhappy marriage. 

'Morning Ireland' reports on 28 July 1988. The presenter was David Hanly.