Launch promises a new internet service that will be one hundred times quicker than a dial up modem.

Cablelink the television relay service which is owned by Telecom Éireann and RTÉ, plans to launch a high-speed internet service.

To hook up to the new service you have to be a Cablelink subscriber with a PC. For a starting price of £25 a month, you can then access the internet through a cable modem. 

Brian Moore, Head of Commercial Operations at Cablelink, describes the service on offer.

We're offering a high speed internet service at up to one hundred times quicker than conventional dial-up modem.

The high-speed connection allows for enhanced services for streaming movies and internet telephony. 

Cablelink believes their service will be cheaper than most other telephony services as users spend less time accessing the internet and downloading information. Cablelink has set itself a target of twenty thousand subscribers within three years, producing revenues of at least £10.5 million and generating fifty new jobs.  

Cablelink also has plans to extend this new service to Galway, Waterford and its MMDS networks. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 22 July 1998. The reporter is Annabel Egan.