More people are seeking comfort through spiritual healing and hope they may also receive a physical healing.

Practitioners of the healing ministry believe that spiritual and physical health are inextricably linked. They believe that through God's intervention, they can heal the faithful.

With the growing interest in spiritualism through rediscovering the scriptures comes the healing hands of priests. The practice advocates for the use of spiritual healing alongside science and medicine.

According to Canon Ernest Brandon, advocate and practitioner of a healing ministry, 

We feel we can help the medics and the medics can help us.

For Father Kevin Cahill physical and spiritual health are inextricably linked.

If a person is restored to a relationship with God then he will perhaps improve physically.

While Father Cahill has never actually witnessed a dramatic physical healing, he is keeping an open mind on the matter. 

Canon Brandon defends the practice from the cynics saying that the Federation of Spiritual Healers in England have studied the whole subject and found that 

30 per cent have total recovery,
50 per cent have improvement, more or less,
and 30 per cent don't relate at all.

The report shows hundreds of believers gathered for an outdoor service and healing ceremony where Canon Brandon and Father Cahill lay their hands.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 7 July 1983. The reporter is Michael Ryan.