The dirtiest and most litter-strewn towns and cities in Ireland are named and shamed.

Galway, Sligo and Swords fare worst in the nationwide survey which was carried by the Irish Business Against Litter group. 

At the Spanish Arch in Galway, litter at one of the city's most historic sites left tourists reeling in disbelief. Frances Icke, from Market Drayton, Shropshire in England was shocked by the amount of litter on the streets of Galway.

I think of Ireland as green, pleasant little land, you know... But no, this has really really shocked me.

Dr Tom Cavanagh, Chairman of Irish Business Against Litter, says that Ireland's litter levels are much worse than our European neighbours. 

In terms of the developed countries, we are pretty well at the bottom of the pile.

Minutes after RTÉ cameras started filming, the Galway Corporation clean-up team arrived. 

Val Hanley, Mayor of Galway, describes the situation in Galway as a wake-up call but is confident that Galway will clean up its act.

Diana Fox from Conwy in Wales is really shocked by the amount of litter from beer cans to take-away packages. 

Longford town, which also faired badly in the first litter report, got a helping hand from troops as its clean-up campaign was stepped up. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 16 June 2003. The reporter is Jim Fahy.