New style of on-campus accommodation for Limerick's NIHE is the first in the history of the State.

The student village, which is costing £4 million, will provide accommodation for 400 students on the NIHE (National Institute for Higher Education) campus.  Phase One of the project is now complete, and the development is the first of its kind in the history of the State.  As Founding President Doctor Edward Walsh explains, 

It’s unique also in that it has been done without any State investment, it has been done by a company, by the private sector, with the cooperation of NIHE staff... the company will operate it in the interests of the students...

The first phase of the development will house 120 students.  They can look forward to purpose-built, high-quality accommodation with access to modern computer facilities,  

Each bedroom is connected through a high-speed computer network to the NIHE computer bank, which in turn links up with extensive computer facilities in Europe and the United States.  Provision of this service in the bedrooms underlines the ever-increasing role played by the computer in education.  

The student village met with many objections from local residents at the planning stage.  Many now wonder if this is the beginning of the end for local landladies.  Doctor Walsh thinks that the student village will have positive knock-on effects for all NIHE students, regardless of where they live,

Standards will improve, and the students will get...better results for their money...the landladies of Castletroy will have to be driven by market forces like everyone else.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 10 June 1988.  The reporter is Michael Walsh.