500 years of candle making and a growing demand amongst the yuppies.

Rathbornes was founded in 1488 by William Rathbourne at Winetavern Street in Dublin producing candles. 

Rathbornes have been making candles since before Christopher Columbus discovered America.

The biggest market for candles in Ireland comes from the Catholic Church, while in other European countries they are used more domestically.

Brian Rowan of Rathbornes explains the difference between how the Irish use candles on special occasions while our European counterparts use candles on a daily basis over dinner. However, this pattern for burning candles at dinner is changing and Rathbornes are seeing a growing demand for beeswax candles in the United Kingdom. There is a certain prestige attached to beeswax candles which can be ten times the price of a standard dinner candle. 

It's mainly the Yuppies, it's people who can afford it.

Mr Rowan predicts that this pattern for a growing demand for prestige candles will take off in Ireland when the Financial Services sector takes off and Ireland sees a growth in prosperity.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 11 June 1988. The reporter is Caroline Erskine.