Plan to reduce traffic in Dublin would ban private cars from the city centre.

The Oireachtas Transport Committee recommends create a bus gate around College Green that keeps cars out of a large area of the city centre. If this plan goes ahead, private cars will be banned from O'Connell Street, Dame Street, College Green and Westmoreland Street by April 2009. 

Frank Fahy TD and Transport Committee Chairman explains that private transport is no longer viable in the city centre if Dublin is to become more environmentally friendly.  

The plan sees the construction of two temporary bridges to keep private vehicles cars out of the car free zone and providing 350 extra buses with services running every three minutes at peak times. 

This area should be turned into a bus gate by next April.

There was a mixed reaction by the public to the plan which is being backed by businesses in the city. Sean Murphy, Director of Policy at Chambers Ireland, sees public transport as the way forward for the city. 

A draft report will be submitted to Transport Minister Noel Dempsey within the next ten days. After that, the Transport Committee will look at car free options in other cities including Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 5 May 2008. The reporter is Ray Colgan.