Dublin's historical buildings are being supplemented with modern architecture, but are these contemporary designs the will of the Irish people?

This humorous take on the changing face of Dublin opens with Swords which includes views of St Columba's Church, the grounds of which include a medieval square tower and a 10th-century round tower. 

A few years ago,

Dublin was a veritable museum of old fashioned outmoded structures imposed on us by the British without any consultation or any concern for the wishes of the Irish people.

However, things are changing and modern architecture is springing up around Dublin city. 

Now that we have rid ourselves of the oppressor’s yolk the national genius for original design, harmonious colour schemes and beautiful inspiring proportions, has been given free reign within the limits imposed of good taste of course.

This is illustrated with footage of the Fusiliers' Arch in St Stephen's Green, Hume Street, the Custom House, Liberty Hall, Hawkins House, and in Ballsbridge the AnCO headquarters and the Embassy of the United States.

In a few years Dublin will be indistinguishable from such examples of architectural masterpieces as Kansas City, Detroit, Pittsburgh and Chicago, without consultation or any concern for the wishes of the Irish people.

This episode of ‘Hall's Pictorial Weekly’ was broadcast on 24 March 1973. The reporter is Frank Hall.