Vacant houses in south Dublin are falling into disrepair and presenting problems for neighbouring residents.

In Tallaght alone, there are more than forty unoccupied corporation homes that have been vandalised. These houses are in such a state of disrepair that it would cost around £10,000 to make each of them habitable. After Dublin Corporation cut its security budget, vacated properties are left with no protection. Local residents believe that this is a false economy. 

It's a waste of public finance.

Local residents in the Cushlawn area of Tallaght have begun a campaign to have security for vacant houses restored. Rather than bricking up these houses, residents believe that Dublin corporation should find tenants for these homes.

Residents are becoming frustrated with what they see as bureaucracy and a lack of a common sense approach to the housing of Dublin Corporation. As well as issues with vacant houses residents point to a lack of public services and pollution from illegal dumping in the area which is creating a health hazard for children. 

We're paying rent and I think it's not good enough that we have to live in conditions like this.

In Neilstown, residents have experienced similar problems with vacant homes and anti-social behaviour.  

The people in the Corporation don't care.

This episode of 'Today Tonight' was broadcast on 10 March 1988.