Ennis Urban Council Chairman says Clare has a lot to offer as Maghera is the chosen site for the latest Telefís Éireann transmitter.

Dermot Horan, Chairman of the Ennis Urban Council, announces that Clare is to be the location for the new Telefís Éireann relay station for transmission to the west of Ireland. 

Clare was chosen for its geographical and physical advantages.

Mr Horan believes that County Clare has much to give to the nation from its reservoir of Gaelic music, history and folklore. He is hopeful that this wealth of culture will be the basis of many programmes for Telefís Éireann. 

Mr Horan also describes the many tourist attractions in County Clare including the geographic landscape which is perfect for shooting, fishing and hunting. 

According to Mr Horan, Ennis, the capital town of County Clare, is populated by "a very charming people".

The selection of Maghera as the location for the transmission will, 

Give beautiful reception and bring happy moments to many lonely homes in the west of Ireland.

Writing in the RTV Guide, Ciaran Mac Mathuna says,

Maghera, perched on the slopes of Sliabh Eachta between Gord and Feakle, was a source of music before television was dreamed of and was frequently visited by the Radio Éireann Mobile Recording Unit.

RTV Guide 8 Februray 1963.

Maghera was one of the five original Telefís Éireann main transmitters alongside Mullaghanish, Kippure, Truskmore and Mount Leinster. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 10 February 1963.