Mike Murphy decides it is time to make Ronnie Drew a more debonair Dubliner.

Ronnie Drew of Irish folk band 'The Dubliners' spends the day acquiring a new image with the Anne Murray School of Grooming in Dublin.On Dublin's Grafton Street, Mike Murphy selects Ronnie Drew as a likely candidate for an image makeover to bring a degree of "panache" to the Dubliner's character.  

For Anne Murray,

Your image is your presentation to the world.

Much to her dismay, Ronnie takes the whole ordeal as a bit of a joke. 

After watching Ronnie walk up and down, Anne has a few suggestions for how he can improve his posture. She also has some advice on how he should properly smoke a cigarette. 

Ronnie's transformation is completed with a new suit from Louis Copeland and a Rolls Royce. 

This episode of 'The Live Mike' was broadcast on 4 February 1983. The presenter is Mike Murphy.