A visit to Beverly Hills Wonderland, the Disneyland of Ireland, a theme park created entirely from cement and the imagination of one man.

The theme park close to Mitchelstown in County Cork is the stone creation of Jimmy O'Sullivan. For 35 years Jimmy worked on ships travelling around the world. On retiring in 1969, he returned to Ireland when he decided to build a version of all the sights he had seen on his travels.

The result is mainly a playground for children but is also a tourist attraction to rival its American counterpart.

The only Beverly Hills and Disneyland that really counts are here in Ireland.

Jimmy O'Sullivan loves animals and has created life size versions of a rhinoceros, an alligator, and a giraffe. However, he is not restricted to wildlife and has also created his version of a Japanese labourer and characters from popular television programmes such as the Texas oil baron JR Ewing from ‘Dallas’.

Unusually, JR Ewing is depicted with a horse because

He goes riding in his pleasure moments when he doesn’t have anything to do with the women.

A rendering of the Incredible Hulk involved six bags of cement and about 40 pounds of steel. It took eight days to complete as Jimmy had to allow time for it to set.

Mike Murphy is surprised to come face to face with a replica of himself wearing a pith helmet, although Jimmy concedes Mike would probably prefer to be sporting a top hat and cane.

This episode of 'The Live Mike' was broadcast on 28 January 1983. The reporter is Mike Murphy.