Ciss Geaney celebrates her 107th birthday with cake, a celebratory drink and some poetry.

Mary Ellen (Ciss) Geaney from Ballyhooly, County Cork celebrates her 107th birthday with a mass in the Fermoy local church before heading back to St Patrick's Hospital where she has been a resident since 1982, for cake and a celebratory drink. 

Mary Ellen known as Ciss can trace her birth back to 2 January 1886.  She was almost a passenger on the Titanic until her trip was cancelled when her mother became ill. Ciss has never been married, well not yet anyway.  With no close remaining family left she is joined by people from Fermoy to celebrate her long life. 

During the party Ciss Geaney clutching a drink recites this poem.

I was drunk last night
And drunk the night before
And if I don't be drunk tonight
I'll never be drunk anymore
For the more I drink
The better it is for me
For I belong to a drunken family.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 6 January 1993. The reporter is Tom MacSweeney.