The people of Fatima Mansions Dublin are determined to change the media image of their community and improve the lives of those who live there.

The story of how residents of Fatima Mansions have campaigned to improve the quality of life at the Dublin Corporation flat complex.

Tina Byrne and Lily Anderson have tirelessly campaigned for improved living conditions in Fatima Mansions and the results of their efforts are coming to a fruition with a new soccer pitch, a children's play area, a shed to house racing pigeons, and a launderette.  

From a place that was rapidly turning into Pittsville, you now have a new community spirit.

Fatima Mansions was built in 1949 and now houses around two thousand people in 369 flats in the complex. However, residents suffer social deprivation with around 75% unemployment. 

Lily Anderson has lived in the flats since the age of twelve when they were first opened. Lily is the Chairperson of the Fatima Mansions Development Group set up in 1982 to tackle the problems facing the community. The Development Group hopes to reverse the trend of neglect and decay in the flats which has been going on since the 1960s. 

Tina Byrne outlines just some of the problems faced by residents, specifically drug users and dealers. 

It was actually dealing with the pushers that we got rid of the drugs problem in Fatima.

The anti drugs campaign had the additional effect of mobilising other community activity to produce the Development Group, which campaigns for better facilities for all residents. Tina and Lily want to give residents a voice to become active participants in shaping their future. 

The Development Group also spawned the Development Coop to help establish community businesses, like the launderette managed by resident Joan Murphy. 

This episode of 'Evening Extra' was broadcast on 10 December 1987.  The reporter is Ingrid Miley.

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