Surfers seeking to catch huge waves off the Donegal coast need to show caution and a be a little bit mad.

In defiance of Met Office warnings to keep a safe distance from the massive waves forecast off the coast of Donegal, big-waver surfers Richie Fitzgerald and Gabe Davies could not resist the chance to surf the biggest waves ever caught in Ireland.

Richie is at pains to point out they surfed the waves responsibly, putting safety measures in place beforehand.

Thank God it came off all right and we all made it back to shore and we got the waves of our lives.

The waves were in the 45-55 foot range which are massive anywhere in the world, not just in Donegal.

So you have to be cautious, but also a little bit mad to go out.

Gabe explains what it feels like to surf such huge waves.

It’s exhilarating you’re going so fast and it kind of feels like life on the line stuff. We didn’t have any mistakes but the potential is quite dangerous should you fall off.

Richie and Gabe filmed the spectacular surfing at Mullaghmore and the footage will become the dramatic final scene in a film about big-wave surfing featuring the duo.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 3 December 2007. The reporter is Eileen Magnier.