While there are plenty of films being made in Ireland where are the Irish films and the finance for Irish productions?

Irish filmmakers protest over the closure of the Irish Film Board and the need for a central agency to oversee the film industry in Ireland. On the face of it, the Irish film and television industry is doing well with productions going on throughout the country. However, few of these productions are funded by Irish money and therefore do little to encourage indigenous film-making.

An action committee of Irish filmmakers is calling for a state agency for Irish film. It says foreign funded films rarely use Irish directors, producers, writers or crew. 

The action committee claims to have the unanimous support of the film industry as it attempts to persuade the government that there is a need for a central agency to oversee the Irish film production. Supporters gathered outside the Dublin headquarters of the Irish Film Board, one of the many casualties of cost-cutting. Filmmaker Alan Gilsenan laid a symbolic wreath at the door of the Film Board.

According to actress Sorcha Cusack

Irish talent is being exploited in England instead of being exploited here.

Tiernan MacBride believes the funding for Irish film could come from a number of sources including the national lottery, a levy on cinema seats, or a levy on blank video tapes. 

This report also features interviews with Tom Hickey and Bosco Hogan.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 22 October 1987. The reporter is Caroline Erskine.