These homing pigeons are at home in a pigeon loft in East Wall in Dublin. The loft is owned by Gerry Byrne, who along with his friends Gerry and Martin Cunningham, take care of the pigeons.

Martin Cunningham describes the different types of pigeons and how the pigeons are tagged for identification. He also explains how the pigeon loft works and the mechanism required for keeping the pigeons safe in the loft and setting the pigeons free. Martin goes on to describe how they capture wild pigeons using an "almost invisible loop". 

This episode of 'Aillio' was broadcast on 14 October 1972. The reporter is Jimmy Greely accompanied by commentary from Bríd Ní Bhaoill in Irish.

'Aillio' was a magazine series for children of all ages presented by Bríd Ní Bhaoill and Jimmy Greely. The first episode of 'Aillio' was broadcast on 30 September 1972.