A provincial newspaper celebrates its centenary but the Kilkenny People is now facing increasing competition.

The Kilkenny People was founded by a Kerry man ET Keane 100 years ago to give a voice to local nationalists. The paper which started out with a staff of five now employs eighty people and prints other newspapers and magazines.

John Kerry Keane gives RTÉ News some of the history of the newspaper including how British armed forces removes machinery to prevent publication in 1917. Although the Kilkenny People has a circulation of about 20,000 there is a recession and competition now from outdoor advertising and local radio.

John Kerry Keane is Vice President of the Provincial Newspapers Association who are opposed to any subsidy from the government for a local radio news service. They feel that if those who won local radio franchises cannot keep the deal they made then those franchises should be put up for tender or rationalised.

An RTÉ News report broadcast 1 October 1992. The reporter is Michael Ryan