Should a statue of George Bernard Shaw join the sculptures and plaques in Saint Stephen's Green? Dubliners offer their views.

The Dáil is due to discuss if a statue of writer George Bernard Shaw should be placed in St Stephen's Green Dublin.  A debate now surrounds the possibility of moving a sculpture of GBS by Paul Troubetzkoy from the National Gallery of Ireland to the St Stephen's Green park.

With a monument dedicated to O’Donovan Rossa, busts of James Clarence Mangan and Countess Markiewcz, and a statue of Lord Ardilaun, does this city centre park really need any more statues and memorials?  RTÉ News got the opinions of people in Saint Stephen’s Green.

Differing views are expressed, but most people seem to be in favour of the Shaw statue being moved to Saint Stephen’s Green.  As one man tells the reporter, people actually know who he is, 

We have so many statues that don’t make very much sense to the younger people, with the exception of the Countess Markiewcz statue there, and the wonderful James Clarence Mangan over here...

Luke Mangan, Chief Superintendant of Saint Stephen’s Green, does not think another statue is what the Green needs,

A seat would be a good idea, I think.  Another way I’d commemorate their memory would be by planting a tree...I feel we have plenty of statues here, any amount, and I’m not desirous for any more.

One young woman thinks that a statue of the writer would take pride of place in the Green,

I think Shaw is one of our greatest writers, and I do think it’s an excellent place to have a statue of him.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 1 October 1962.