A real ale brewery sets up in Dublin hoping to offer a new beer to the city's pubs.

The Real Dempsey's Ale Brewery in Inchicore Dublin is setting out to offer an alternative pint to Dublin beer drinkers. Real ale brewers feel the non pasteurised method of creating an ale gives the drink a better taste.

In Britain, a trend for real ale drinking has meant an increase in small beer brewers across the country. Dempsey's Real Ale is starting to make an impact in Dublin selling 6,000 pints a week.

Mr Herlihy a spokesman for Dempsey's believes there is a market for a high quality real ale product in Ireland. He does not see Dempsey's entry to the beer market as a threat to the big breweries pointing out that they are trying to offer drinkers an alternative.

The point we make is this. There is a difference between a massed produced sliced pan and your mother's brown bread.

An RTÉ News report broadcast 10 September 1982. The reporter is Conall Ó Móráin.