Gerry Adams leader of Sinn Féin commits the party to peaceful politics.

At a preliminary session of talks at Stormont, the Mitchell principles of pursuing a solution to problems in Northern Ireland exclusively through peaceful politics were committed to by Gerry Adams and the Sinn Féin negotiation team.

George Mitchell speaking on his hopes for peace told the media,

I believe the prospects today are better than they have been any time since I have been involved in Northern Ireland.

While Gerry Adams agreed the principles on behalf of Sinn Féin, the Unionist parties stayed away from what they called a charade. Fringe Loyalists are angry that their ceasefire has not brought prison concessions. SDLP leader John Hume says dialogue is the only way forward and wants to see the Unionist politicians get involved in talks that can bring a lasting peace.

The Irish government representative Ray Burke welcomed the Sinn Féin commitment and is looking forward to a referendum north and south of the border next year.

An RTÉ News report broadcast 9 September 1997. The reporter is David Davin Power.