Road signposts in Ireland are poor and confusing for visitors trying to find their way.

Fota Wildlife Park has called for an immediate improvement in signposting in Ireland to help the tourist industry. 

Fota Wildlife Park attracts thousands of visitors every year but signposts won't help you find it.

According to Fota operators, there are no signposts for the park in the area, and when they put up one of their own, Cork County Council took it down. The situation is so bad for a nearby factory which is constantly asked for directions, that they have produced their own map to give to visitors looking for the park. 

Professor of Agriculture at University College Cork (UCC) Tom Raftery, who launched the park, has demanded an improvement to the country's signposting.

The signposting in Ireland I believe is inadequate, confusing, and not always visible to the motorist. 

Fota has received many complaints from visitors who have experienced difficulty in finding the place. Professor Raftery believes this can be resolved by placing the signposts in a more visible position and in a location that gives drivers enough warning about the direction they need to follow. He describes Irish signposting as "dreadfully poor" by international standards. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 3 September 1992. The reporter is Tom MacSweeney.