CND protest over the visit of an American warship to Dublin.

The 'USS McCloy' is in Dublin Port for five days on what is described as a routine courtesy visit. The Irish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) are protesting over the possibility that the ship contains nuclear weapons. Speaking to RTÉ News Brendan Sheehy of CND says

It's practice from the United States navy never to give guarantees that they have no nuclear weapons on board, so in the absence of such a guarantee which we will also look for, we just must assume that they are carrying nuclear weapons.

CND are objecting to the possibility that nuclear weapons could be stationed within two miles of the city centre in Dublin. 

The USS McCloy is equipped to carry eight anti-submarine rockets, but the question over what is on board remains unanswered. 

The government says it doesn't know and the Americans won't say.

The US Embassy in Dublin says that for tactical reasons it is unable to divulge whether any warship in its fleet is or is not carrying nuclear weapons. The Department of Foreign Affairs says that it only allows permission for these visits on the understanding that nuclear weapons are not carried on board. However, the department has now way of verifying whether this is the case. 

Members of the public were allowed on board the ship. One visitor to the ship said that we should welcome the US navy as they are protecting Ireland. Members of the crew were not permitted to comment on what was on board.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 30 July 1987. The reporter is Alan McCullough.