Dubliners tell survey they want the DART extended, a light rail system, an eastern bypass and heavy goods vehicles banned from city centre.

The results of a report carried out for the Dublin Transport Initiative (DTI) show traffic congestion and fear of walking the streets at night are the main problems facing those interviewed.

The survey identified crime and unemployment as the most important issues facing Dubliners. 

It shows that 85% of those questioned agreed or strongly agreed that the streets of Dublin aren't safe to walk at night.

The survey was carried out as part of the Dublin Transport Initiative's investigation into traffic congestion in Dublin, confirming that people are seriously concerned about the level of congestion in the city. People want to see an extension of the Dart to Tallaght and Dublin Airport.  Respondents also favoured the introduction of light rail transport and the building of an eastern bypass. 

Just 28% of respondents felt that Dublin Bus offered good value for money. 90% of people feel that juggernauts should be banned from the city centre. 

The DTI said the findings of the survey will be taken into account when drawing up the twenty-year plan for traffic congestion in Dublin. 

Peter Ryan of the DTI says that it was important to ask the people of Dublin for their views on the current problems and possible solutions.

An acceptable solution for the public is one that can be more easily put in place.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 29 July 1992. The reporter is Una O'Hagan.