A new Family Planning Bill paves the way for greater availability of condoms but not in vending machines.

Minister for Health Dr John O'Connell speaks to Brian Farrell on 'Today Tonight' on the subject of contraceptives and specifically the availability of condoms. 

While condoms are to be made more widely available under a new Family Planning Bill, it will not be possible to purchase them in vending machines. They will, however, be available in supermarkets, pubs and adult discos, university campuses. The bill also reduces the age at which condoms can be sold without prescription to 17. 

The Minister for Health has drawn the line at sales through vending machines, mobile outlets, street vendors, and schools. The new Family Planning Bill contains many compromises in terms of the availability of condoms. The Minister says that these compromises came after representations from many people and were taken into account when drawing up the bill. While many parents favoured the wider availability of condoms, and recognised their need in light of public health issues, the Minister says he was asked to consider not making condoms available in vending machines. 

It arouses curiosity and it orients the children towards sex.

This episode of 'Today Tonight' was broadcast on 2 July 1992. The presenter is Brian Farrell.