A block of what is believed to be 1000 year old cheese or butter is found in a bog in Cloughjordan County Tipperary. But would you eat it?

Tony Condon of the Roscrea Heritage Centre, said

We know that it's dairy produce. It could be butter. Whether it's cheese or butter, we don't know for certain.

The produce was wrapped in the gut of a large animal and a wicker handle, which is still partially in tact, was used to carry it. It was buried fairly shallow as the layer of bog directly above the wrapper was completely in tact. A period of a thousand years of bog growth then sealed it in. 

There's a pronounced dairy smell from it and of course it's still edible.

The find was made by Paddy Coughlan and Dan O'Connor on farmland at Glenahilty, near Cloughjordan.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 2 July 1987. The reporter is Gerry Reynolds.