John Banville talks about the obligations of a writer, how being Irish impacts his work and a love of language.

John Banville has written seven novels including 'The Book of Evidence', which won the Guinness Peat Aviation Award and was shortlisted for the Booker Prize. 

Banville follows the dictum of English literary critic Cyril Connolly, who says that the artist only has one responsibility, that is to create masterpieces. 

Art creates a parallel world which does reflect the commonplace.

John Banville describes on how being born and reared in Ireland has impacted his work. 

I value Hiberno-English as a literary tool. I think it's unparalleled. It's an extraordinary language to write in.

He believes that many people perceive his books as Gothic extravaganzas, while he regards them as completely realistic works. 

One only has to walk down the street to see how Gothic and extravagant life is. Perhaps it is a little more extravagant a little more Gothic in Ireland, in Dublin than elsewhere. 

 This episode of 'Writer in Profile' was broadcast on 24 June 1992. The presenter is David Hanly.