The British Army dismantle a permanent vehicle checkpoint at Cloghoge.

Following Irish Republican Army (IRA) bomb attacks in which members of the security forces died, nationalists are calling for the removal of the R15 military checkpoint, on the main Belfast to Dublin Road, at Cloughoge, in County Armagh.

In May 1992 a British soldier was killed and 23 others injured when a large IRA bomb was moved into position alongside the railway line beside the post at Cloughoge on the outskirts of Newry.

During a recent visit to the parish to inspect the damage done to the local church Cardinal Cahal Daly backed the call for the permanent checkpoint to be dismantled.

This is right in the middle of an inhabited area. It’s putting local people at risk and I just have to question the military value of purpose of these installations, these fixed installations.

The British Army is considering various options regarding the future of the checkpoint. A Cloughoge delegation led by MP for Newry and Armagh, Seamus Mallon met the Stormont Security Minister Michael Mates to discuss the matter.

Principal of Cloughoge Primary School Kevin Campbell reports the British Army are removing the checkpoint structures, and one of their options is to replace them.

Well if one of their options is to replace them, then the other option would be not to replace them.

The British Army say that security in the area still needs to be maintained which Kevin Campbell believes is a euphemism for mobile patrols.

Ultimately the checkpoint never reopened and another smaller checkpoint was built a few miles to the west to the cost of £7 million. This new checkpoint was permanently removed in 1998 following the Good Friday Agreement.

An RTÉ News report broadcast 10 June 1992. The reporter is Michael Fisher.