The Monument of Light has four years of city grime power hosed away.

On 21 January 2003, the 120 metre Spire in the centre of Dublin’s O’Connell Street was finally completed. However, it took 4 years before it got a make-over.

Rumours that Dublin's highest landmark was self-cleaning were finally laid to rest when the 120-meter monument was power hosed from top to bottom at a cost of €120,000. The lighting system was also replaced by Dublin City Council. The official name for the Spire is the Monument of Light, despite the fact that the lighting has not worked for the past three months.

The plan is now to clean the Spire every eighteen months. 

The Spire stands on the site of the former Nelson Pillar, which was blown up in 1966.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 4 June 2007. The reporter is Ailbhe Conneely.