The Irish selection procedure for the Eurovision Song Contest is questioned after Irish traditional group Dervish finish last in Helsinki, Finland.

The Head of the Irish delegation Julian Vignoles agrees it may be time for the national broadcaster RTÉ to reappraise the approach to selecting a song for the Eurovision Song Contest. RTÉ internally chose Dervish to represent Ireland at the contest, but the song was selected by the Irish public voting on a number of songs performed on ‘The Late Late Show’. ‘They Can't Stop the Spring’ was composed by John Waters and Tommy Moran.

Backstage in the Hartwall Areena in Helsinki, Dervish were upbeat before their performance.

There's nobody around these rooms, or these dressing rooms that we can't beat here tonight folks.

However their enthusiasm was not matched by votes and the group narrowly avoided ‘nul points’ thanks to the five points they received from one country, Albania.

Vocalist with Dervish Kathy Jordan is disappointed by the result.

It was a huge experience and a phenomenal undertaking for us, and you know, it didn’t work the way we wanted.

While Ireland selected a song with an ethnic sound, an approach that has previously worked for other countries, Julian Vignoles admits,

It didn’t work on the night for us and that’s a disappointment.

The 52nd Eurovision Song Contest  was won by Marija Šerifovic with the song ‘Molitva’ for Serbia.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 13 May 2007. The reporter is John O’Driscoll.