One hundred and fifty women take the boat to Holyhead in Wales to highlight the abortion issue in Ireland.

Women from all over Ireland travelled to Holyhead by ferry to highlight the abortion controversy in Ireland. 

Taking the protest to Holyhead.

In 1971 a group of women took the contraceptive train from Dublin to Belfast in protest over Irish family planning laws. Over twenty years later, this protest trip organised by the Women's Coalition Group, aimed to support the estimated one hundred Irish women who travel to Britain every week for an abortion. 

One woman says the objective of the demonstration is to highlight that Irish women do not have control over the reproductive process. The group says that all Irish women should have the right to access information on abortion services. 

Twenty years ago women were having to take a train to Belfast. Twenty years later we're having to take a boat to Britain.

On their return to Dublin, the women released balloons with the telephone numbers of abortion services written across them. 

They say the journey will show the government that the issues of the right to travel and information, and the right to have an abortion won't go away.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 6 May 1992. The reporter is Lorna Donlon.