Boxing promoter Jack Solomons in Ireland to scout for a fight venue speaks to RTÉ at Dublin airport.

Jack Solomons, one of the greatest boxing promoters in history, and Northern Ireland promoter George Connell, were in Dublin to find a venue for a fight between Empire Champion Freddie Gilroy and British Flyweight Champion John Caldwell.

This is definitely a fight all Ireland wants to see.

Solomons and Connell are scouting around for the best possible venue for the Gilroy-Caldwell fight and are prepared to settle on either Dublin or Belfast, indoor or open-air. The winner of the fight will face World Champion Éder Jofre.

Reporter Noel Andrews reminds Solomons of his last visit to Ireland for the Billy Kelly fight and an incident after the fight involving a bucket of water. 

George Connell has previously promoted both wrestling and boxing at Tolka Park in Dublin. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 1 May 1962. The reporter is Noel Andrews.