U2charist is Ireland's first celebration of a Christian religious service based around the songs of U2.

U2charist originated in the United States where over 150 churches have been celebrating in this way. This week it came to Saint Thomas' Anglican Church in Dublin. 

Susan Philips, an Anglican and political analyst, and John Walshe journalist with Hot Press attended the Christian rock ceremony.

Although sceptical at the outset Susan was encouraged by the combination of the songs and the belief of the young people. 

This was a way of communicating God's love in a world where it's so difficult to expect anybody in this day and age, which is a post-modernist age, to believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

John Walshe thought it was more like being at a rock gig or a concert than being at church, using language like 'the stage' as opposed to 'the altar'. Also sceptical from the outset, John thought it was a mix of "karaoke for Jesus" and a full on gospel experience. All-in-all he found it very celebratory and inclusive. 

This episode of 'Seoige & O'Shea' was broadcast on 2 April 2007. 

'Seoige & O'Shea' was presented by Grainne Seoige and Joe O'Shea.