Culling by kindness is a new approach for dealing with the overpopulation of deer in the Phoenix Park Dublin.

Chris Flynn, Information Officer at the OPW, describes the deer in the Phoenix Park as the healthiest herd on these islands. However, the healthier the deer the better they are at reproducing. 

Culling by kindness is reducing the herd of fallow deer in the Phoenix Park without shooting them with a rifle.

There are currently 650 deer in the Phoenix Park. While they may appear healthy, there has been a problem with tuberculosis (TB) in the herd. In 1991 the OPW carried out a major health check for all the deer in the Phoenix Park. The results showed a 4% level of TB, which is considered quite low. Chris Flynn also warns the public not to touch newborn fawns as if there is human scent on the animal, the mother may abandon it. 

In essential part of the work of the OPW is to maintain the number of deer. In the past, this was done through killing but a new approach is now being taken. The OPW is seeking new homes for the deer on estates and farms in herds.

We want good homes but the good homes have to be very extensive homes.

This episode of 'Jo-Maxi' was broadcast on 26 March 1992. The reporter is Michael Sheridan.